Paris Itinerary

Loose Plan for Paris
Week one and two: Get to know Paris
Week Three and Four: No Commitments!


Paris dates...TBD


I thought we were going to Paris for the month of June but one of the sisters has to work for part of June. The dates are TBD, but I hope to know by next Friday so we can book an apartment.

Things I know:
Going to Paris for a month.

Things I don't know:
-the dates of the trip.
-which neighborhood we will stay in

Paris is divided into 20 different neighborhoods called arrondissement. I am not sure which one we should stay in. Middle Sister has a friend who recommended 4, 5 or 6. My dad has stayed in Montmartre (18) which is the "Artist" district. This website has a pretty good overview of the neighborhoods.


Video: UCI Farmers Market Video -Take ONE

This is my first attempt at video. We used a Canon G9 camera.
The UCI Farmers market is every Saturday in Irvine, CA from 8-12.

UCI Farmers Market - Take One from everyAugust on Vimeo.


Dreaming of Paris

Paris in 6 months, but no time like the present to start planning.

Step 1: make a plan
Step 2: make some reservations
Step 3: learn French
Step 4: get rid of the "american" body.
Step 5: to be determined

Step 1: go to Paris for one month this June with my two sisters.
Step 2: Reservations for
Cooking school?
Segway / bike tours
other fun things
Step 3: Got the Rosetta Stone to learn French
Step 4: My father tells me you can spot an American in Europe because of their size (think wide not tall). I must be hit or miss because I have been mistaken for a European a few times. My goal is to get rid of the "american" body so the only way people will know I am American is when I open my mouth and fumble over the french language.
Step 4B:
Uping my running from 9-15mi a week to 20mi a week
Swimming twice a week
Yoga twice a week
Weight lifting twice a week.
It is time to get back into shape and Paris is my reason.
Step 5: Every adventure must be ready for side trips or changes. I am keeping my options open.

I am SO excited!