Farmers Markets. Kind of an obsession...

I have a thing for farmers markets. It started in college. I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California. San Luis is what I would consider a "small town" and every Thursday night they shut down one of the main streets for a farmers market. This farmers market, or "Farmers" as everyone called it, was a cross between a street fair and a farmers market. It had fresh produce, crafts and food stalls. On every corner music would embrace me as I walked by whatever band was playing that night. Farmers was from 6-9pm so it was a good place to grab dinner. I would buy produce here and haul it back to my studio. I lived in a great little spot half way between downtown San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly.

Part way through my second quarter I met someone who told me about a Saturday Farmers Market. What? There was more then one farmers market? I checked it out and fell in love. This market was small, just two rows of produce, but the variety was bigger and atmosphere more relaxed. The vendors had time to explain how to cook their selection and I could buy what ever I wanted because I didn't have to worry about lugging around a bag all night or about my long walk home. These farmers markets captured a little piece of my heart.

When ever I travel or move or just vist a place, I look for the farmers markets. They contect me the community and I always find something interesting there.

I am looking forward to checking out the farmers markets in Paris.


Thoughts of Paris... and life

These are the thoughts that are going through my head when I think of Paris.
What will the weather be like?
What should I wear / pack?
Am I going to look like a crazy American when I go running?
Will my french be understood?
Is our apartment going to be nice?
Do I dare fly US Airways again?
Am I bringing enough money?

Kid of funny how silly these thoughts are.

Recently a lump was found in my breast. On the way to the ultrasound these were the thoughts going through my head.
If I have cancer will I quit my job?
What will I do if I have cancer?

I knew the answer immediately. My answer was I wouldn't do anything differently. I was going to Paris for a month with my sisters. We were going to have a great adventure. It made me think I was living the kind of life I wanted to be living. It made me realize how lucky I am.

The lump is not cancer, but I am going to keep living my life like it was.

Paris Apartment is Booked!

We have booked the Paris apartment. Now I feel like the ball is rolling. I can't believe I haven't posted for almost a month. Can you tell I am a beginning blogger. In my defense I got a pretty bad cold, but even the bloggers I read post when they are sick. I am back on track and will try to post once a week.

So the story of the Paris apartment. It starts at a work party for T where I was chatting with a fellow wife and an old instructor. Paris came up because the old instructor travels there often and the fellow wife asked me if I had an apartment yet. I had been searching the internet but not really found anything I was crazy about. It is a little scary trying to find an apartment in another country. The fellow wife told me to check out Vacation Rentals by Owner. She and her husband used it all the time and were very happy with it. What a great site! We found an apartment in the 5th and are set to go to Paris from May 29-June 29.

This is our apartment.