Paris Apartment is Booked!

We have booked the Paris apartment. Now I feel like the ball is rolling. I can't believe I haven't posted for almost a month. Can you tell I am a beginning blogger. In my defense I got a pretty bad cold, but even the bloggers I read post when they are sick. I am back on track and will try to post once a week.

So the story of the Paris apartment. It starts at a work party for T where I was chatting with a fellow wife and an old instructor. Paris came up because the old instructor travels there often and the fellow wife asked me if I had an apartment yet. I had been searching the internet but not really found anything I was crazy about. It is a little scary trying to find an apartment in another country. The fellow wife told me to check out Vacation Rentals by Owner. She and her husband used it all the time and were very happy with it. What a great site! We found an apartment in the 5th and are set to go to Paris from May 29-June 29.

This is our apartment.