Route for Yellowstone

I am getting excited about our trip to Yellowstone. We haven't camped in almost a year and I can't wait for this trip. We are working on a route and this is what we are thinking about. Google Maps is getting better and better. They have a My Maps feature that lets you add pictures and icons to your maps. This might be a tool to use on our trip.

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I am in charge of food when we camp. T consults on the menu and sometimes has requests. We usually camp with some GOURMET campers so hot dogs do not cut it. It will just be the two of us (and Samson the cat) so I am not sure what to plan for this trip. The trick to camp cooking is to do as much prep as possible before you leave and to have pre-made easy food for when you roll into camp at sunset. I kind of have a stand by for that night. It is a chicken chili recipe from the barefoot contessa. The recipe feeds 12 (TWELVE!) but freezes well and is great for camping.

There are some lodges in Yellowstone and we are going to have dinner in a few of them. I am going to see if there are any farmers markets on our trip in and see what is in season that time of year.

There is something about food eaten around a campfire... it tastes amazing.


Video: Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling

Well, tourist in my sisters town.

My little sister called and I drove down to check out the Grand Prix of Cycling. The course goes right by her house. Here are a few highlights.

Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling from everyAugust on Vimeo.


Video: UCI Farmers Market Spring 2009

Last Saturday was beautiful in So Cal. Middle Sister and I headed to the UCI farmers market and made this video. Strawberries are getting better....

UCI Farmers Market Spring 2009 from everyAugust on Vimeo.


YNP- Madison Campground

The airstream is still being remodeled (totally gutted) but we have made reservations at Yellowstone and will be staying at Madison Campground. T is taking a fly fishing class and the campground is right near the Madison River. He is looking forward to fishing and I am looking forward to eating fish! I love to eat and this will be the first time I eat fish right out of the river. (I know, I don't get out much.) We are booked for 2 weeks. T ordered me an official Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner ("because I am a planner")and found a funky tour that leaves from the same campground we are staying in. It is an all day tour on an old school bus..... could be fun. I searched the internet and found some great pictures of the campground and surrounding area on flickr. It looks amazing.

I was unsure about which campground to stay in and if we should move around to different areas of the park, but I like that we are staying in one place. If we like a different spot we can move or come back for another trip.

In Airstream remodel news.... this is where we are. Gutted and ready to start rebuilding after an incredible amount of work.


What to Pack - Paris Plane

I am thinking about what to pack for Paris. I usually do carry-on luggage only. I am having a hard time deciding what to bring. I am breaking my packing down into sections.

Paris Plane:
soda crackers
layers (scarf etc.)
tooth brush
eye mask


Keep in touch...I love Skype

In 2001 I was studying abroad in Thailand. The program was horrible and I should of ditched everything and headed for the islands like so many of my classmates. Instead I tried to be a "good student" and attend all my classes. The country was also not really what I expected. The majority of the students were living in a hotel, but ten of us had volunteered to live in apartments when the trip was more successful (overbooked) then the school had planned. I loved living in the apartments. We were on the river across from the Grand Palace. Every morning I would walk into the market place to find breakfast and was forced to learn Thai to be able to survive. The students at the hotel ate most of their meals there and really missed out on some amazing things. This is the view from our apartment.

I had two roommates in Thailand (fellow students) but I was really lonely that first month and a half. I had a phone card to call people in the states, but the second week of our trip the phones went down. Email was an option, but it felt so slow and I would find myself checking it all the time because I was so lonely.

I remember one really hard day when I was trying to call T and I just lost it in our local 7-11. This was a store I was in every day to buy water or chocolate milk (my comfort food on this trip) or ice cream. I had been trying to call him for days and was trying to ask if there was a way for me to call from a different phone to the USA and just lost it. I started crying and could not stop.

Emotion is a strange thing in Thailand. The Thai people do not show it. Thailand is called the "Land of a Thousand Smiles" because that is all they do; smile. The face smiles, but it does not really reach their eyes... The more a foreigner tries to use emotion to get what they need (insert yelling, bulling, rude behavior) the more a Thai person will smile and the more a foreigner will disgrace themselves. I knew all this when I started to cry. I tried to catch myself and even tried to leave the store but there I was, disgracing myself. I remember the look on the faces of the people working at the 7-11 when I started to cry. They were shocked and immediately tried to help me. Maybe it was because I was in there everyday speaking my broken Thai or maybe they just felt sorry for me. Whatever the reason they started telling me "No cry, no cry" and trying to give me Kleenex and pat my hands. They were the nicest Thai people I met.

Soon after this experience I discovered chatting via ICQ. I would go everyday at lunch to a local internet cafe and my boyfriend (in California) would be up working late at night in the computer lab. We would chat for an hour and it made me feel so much better. I think these chats kept me sane during the Thailand trip.

A few years ago my sister went to Italy for a semester. We used Skype to keep in touch. I WISH Skype had been around when I went to Thailand. It is amazing. Just turn it on when you are on the computer and when the other person is on you can call each other and talk. Or chat. It has video too. My brother-in-law gave T and I a tour of his Hong Kong apartment via Skype. My aunt and uncle use it at their house in Mexico. I will use it in Paris. I know I will miss T. I know I will want to share stories. I know my mom, dad and grandmother will want to check in. Skype is the perfect way to do this.

Skype is free and here is a link to some info about it. The cool thing is that the iPhone just came out with a Skype App so my iPhone may be something I think about taking to Paris. I love Skype. It helps me keep in touch.... and stay sane.