Route for Yellowstone

I am getting excited about our trip to Yellowstone. We haven't camped in almost a year and I can't wait for this trip. We are working on a route and this is what we are thinking about. Google Maps is getting better and better. They have a My Maps feature that lets you add pictures and icons to your maps. This might be a tool to use on our trip.

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I am in charge of food when we camp. T consults on the menu and sometimes has requests. We usually camp with some GOURMET campers so hot dogs do not cut it. It will just be the two of us (and Samson the cat) so I am not sure what to plan for this trip. The trick to camp cooking is to do as much prep as possible before you leave and to have pre-made easy food for when you roll into camp at sunset. I kind of have a stand by for that night. It is a chicken chili recipe from the barefoot contessa. The recipe feeds 12 (TWELVE!) but freezes well and is great for camping.

There are some lodges in Yellowstone and we are going to have dinner in a few of them. I am going to see if there are any farmers markets on our trip in and see what is in season that time of year.

There is something about food eaten around a campfire... it tastes amazing.