YNP- Madison Campground

The airstream is still being remodeled (totally gutted) but we have made reservations at Yellowstone and will be staying at Madison Campground. T is taking a fly fishing class and the campground is right near the Madison River. He is looking forward to fishing and I am looking forward to eating fish! I love to eat and this will be the first time I eat fish right out of the river. (I know, I don't get out much.) We are booked for 2 weeks. T ordered me an official Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner ("because I am a planner")and found a funky tour that leaves from the same campground we are staying in. It is an all day tour on an old school bus..... could be fun. I searched the internet and found some great pictures of the campground and surrounding area on flickr. It looks amazing.

I was unsure about which campground to stay in and if we should move around to different areas of the park, but I like that we are staying in one place. If we like a different spot we can move or come back for another trip.

In Airstream remodel news.... this is where we are. Gutted and ready to start rebuilding after an incredible amount of work.