Video: Food in Paris

My little sister made this video to show why we (and the Parisians) walk everywhere in Paris.

Foods of Paris...so far from everyAugust on Vimeo.

Video: Sunday at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Today we spent the day at the Luxembourg Gardens. Here are some of the things we saw.

Luxembourg Gardens: Paris, France from everyAugust on Vimeo.


Paris Plane Trip

The plane trip to Paris could only have been better if we where in first class or beamed here. I am very pleased with United Airlines.

The adventure began at John Wayne airport which is about 15 minutes from my house. The sisters and I checked in and waited for our flight to Chicago. I was a little worried because we had less than and hour (58 minutes) to connect to our flight in Chicago and after the Mexico fiasco with US Airways and dirty Dee K last summer (I will tell you about it another time) this was really in my mind. Another thing I was thinking about was our luggage. Would it make it on to our Chicago flight? I don't usually check luggage. I am a "carry on girl" but I felt the pressure of a month in Paris and decided to check a small bag. My sisters both checked bags as well. I was having visions of the ten hour layover the little sister and I endured at the Philly airport where we watched luggage just fall off trucks on the way to it's next destination. Who knows if it ever made it.

These thoughts were going on in my head but I was also talking myself down. If we missed our flight we would figure out something. Our luggage would eventually arrive. These things were out of my control and worrying about them was not going to help anything.

I boarded the plane with my plane kit: noise canceling headphones, ipod, eye mask, book and soda crackers. We were on our way! The flight was uneventful and we landed on time. This is when I started to worry again. Our plane was disembarking as our other flight was boarding. Would we make it? Was a mad-dash run to the international terminal in our future? We had landed at gate C23 and the departure gate told us our next flight was at C18. Wait, what? Our gate is two gates down? We could make that, and we did. My sisters and I arrived up as the plane was boarding and just walked on. Now I just crossed my fingers our luggage would make it.

Again our flight was uneventful. Our seats were what I would have picked with my sisters having a window and aisle pair and me across from them in an aisle seat. I was seated next to a nice French gentleman who told me about France and his recent trip to Yellowstone. The food was decent and we got our meal first because I had asked for vegetarian meals.

We arrived, breezed through customs and went to the luggage carousel where our luggage was the first off the plane!

Thank you United Airlines for getting us to Paris!

Video: Paris Apartment

Hello. We landed. Found the apartment, showered and are out the door.

Paris Apartment from everyAugust on Vimeo.


travel inventions I love: iPod

I am updating my iPod for the Paris trip, adding some music and podcasts to make the plane ride a little less painful. I own three ipods. Two of them where gifts. It is funny to look at my first iPod (second generation) an then look at the iPod that now plays movies. They are so different.

I love traveling with an iPod. It lets me give a place my own soundtrack. Now don't get me wrong, I love to hear the buzz of a city and the dialog around me but sometimes it is really nice to block all of the noise out and let the rest of my scenes discover a place. A few years ago I was in New York and looked like a local with my iPod as I hoped on and off the subway. Everyone seemed to have one. New Yorks were creating a sound track for their New York.

The real reason I love the iPod is because it is really nice to have something familiar and comforting (like music) when I am in a strange place. On the Thailand trip in 2000 I had no music with me. Ipods had not been invented yet and portable CD players were the way to go. I had not brought one to Thailand and really missed familiar music. I had a lot of days where I just wanted to sit somewhere and listen to music. It would have helped my sanity on that trip. Lesson learned. That trip is one of the reasons I love the iPod.


Video: Scenes from San Luis Obispo

This past weekend the little sister and I headed up to the Central Coast to check out the Paso Wine Festival. It was hot, but fun times.

Scenes from San Luis Obispo from everyAugust on Vimeo.

Eleven days till Paris.


Airstream Update - I think I see a kitchen

I need to find some "before" pictures. Only then can you really appreciate how AMAZING this remodel is. Even without the "before" pictures I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually I can almost see out of the tunnel. T is on a mission to get this thing done so we can go camping.

Sunday (after all the Mother's Day cooking and before the party) I took a trip to Ikea with T to talk about storage solutions for the kitchen but before we went to Ikea we stopped by the Airstream and this is what I found:

Do you hear the angels singing? Is it just me? This is a picture of the new kitchen. It is huge and full of counter space and designed well and makes me hear angels singing. I can't wait to try it out.

Here is a little walking tour through the kitchen to the bathroom.

Airstream Remodel May 11 from everyAugust on Vimeo.

T was on a roll and when he got home Sunday night showed me the framing for the new dinette. It can seat 4 (or sleep one) in theory.

THEN Monday night he calls me at work and asks if I want to meet him for dinner in the Airstream. He wanted me to check out the dinette. And this is where we were until he decided today at lunch that the dinette was too long and he shortened it.

It was a VERY PRODUCTIVE weekend.


Tourist in my own State: Avocado Festival and Wild Animal Park

Another video test of the Cannon G-9. My little sister and I went to the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook CA and then the Wild Animal Park. Both of my sisters have told me they don't want to be in the videos in Paris, but they are much funnier than I so I hope they reconsider.

Avocado Festival and Wild Animal Park from everyAugust on Vimeo.


Shoes: Paris vs Yelowstone

I was thinking about what shoes to take to Paris when one of my sisters asked how many pairs I was bringing. Five I said. Then the other sister started naming the shoes, "flip flops" .... Oh. Six pairs for me.

SIX PAIRS OF SHOES! When did I get to be so high maintenance?
Six pairs of shoes, I will have to check luggage.
Six pairs of shoes, do I need to bring six pairs of shoes?

Running shoes. Yes. We are running in Paris. These are a must
Black clogs. Yes. These are good walking shoes for museums.
Grey converse. Yes. These are good cobbled street / farmers market shoes.
Grey flats. Yes. Cute dinner shoes.
Comfy flats. Yes. Cute and comfy
Flips. Yes. If it gets really hot or we go to a "beach"

Lets compare shoes for the Yellowstone trip.

Running shoes. Yes. I will still be running.
Hiking boots. Yes. I will be hiking.
Flips (plastic). Yes. For showers.
Uggs. Yes. The best shoes for sitting around the campfire and early mornings.
Crocks. MAYBE instead of flips.

Final score: Paris 6 Yellowstone 4.
I am shocked. This seems like a lot of shoes.... Well a lot of shoes for me.


Grand Teton National Park

I almost feel like I have a split personality as I try to plan two trips this summers. Each trip has diffrent clothes, weather, ...details. I am excited about both trips and I find that my mind is bouncing back and forth with diffrent plans and ideas.

My newest idea is Grand Teton National Park. This park is below Yellowstone (touching it on maps) and is supposed to be beautiful. A co-worker told me it is not to be missed. I mentioned to T that I would like to camp there for a few days and he told me to make it happen. I need to find a campground and make a plan.

This might be the time to admit that I would rather have T make this decision. I am thinking this ONLY because he has a fishing agenda. I don't want to pick a camp site near a river, lake, water way, only to find that this OTHER place has great fishing. He is really into fishing right now. I have printed a lot of information about the Grand Tetons to pass his way. I hope he has heard about fishing in the area so he can give me a better idea of where we should camp.

I would hate for us to leave Yellowstone and not be happy with the camp site I picked in the Grand Tetons. Judging from the picture above(from the National Park site Photographer: Dave Smaldone)I don't think I should worry.


Rick Steve and Paris

I went to Italy for one week (5 days actully in Italy)a few years ago. It was one of my first trips with out any formal organization (i.e. tour, education) and I found a lot of really useful information from Rick Steve's website. My sisters asked me recently if I had found any of the same kind of "off the beaten path" information about Paris? Rick Steve and his website to the rescue again.

I like to use this site to help plan my trips. It is full of good tips and ideas. When I went to Italy I had printed everything out and pasted it into a little black book I carried around with me. I enjoyed great resturants, hotels, hiking paths and sunset overlooks because of Rick Steve. Thanks RICK!

Here is something cool I found for Paris.

Festivals in France (when we are there)
May 31 Whitsun (Pentecost) France
June Marais Festival (arts) Paris
June 6 Anniversary of D-Day Landing Normandy
June 13-15 Le Mans Auto Race (24-hour race) Le Mans (near Loire Valley)
June 21 Music Festival ("FĂȘte de la Musique," concerts and dancing in the streets; ) France (in mid-size to large cities)

I guess I need to start making a little black Paris book.