Shoes: Paris vs Yelowstone

I was thinking about what shoes to take to Paris when one of my sisters asked how many pairs I was bringing. Five I said. Then the other sister started naming the shoes, "flip flops" .... Oh. Six pairs for me.

SIX PAIRS OF SHOES! When did I get to be so high maintenance?
Six pairs of shoes, I will have to check luggage.
Six pairs of shoes, do I need to bring six pairs of shoes?

Running shoes. Yes. We are running in Paris. These are a must
Black clogs. Yes. These are good walking shoes for museums.
Grey converse. Yes. These are good cobbled street / farmers market shoes.
Grey flats. Yes. Cute dinner shoes.
Comfy flats. Yes. Cute and comfy
Flips. Yes. If it gets really hot or we go to a "beach"

Lets compare shoes for the Yellowstone trip.

Running shoes. Yes. I will still be running.
Hiking boots. Yes. I will be hiking.
Flips (plastic). Yes. For showers.
Uggs. Yes. The best shoes for sitting around the campfire and early mornings.
Crocks. MAYBE instead of flips.

Final score: Paris 6 Yellowstone 4.
I am shocked. This seems like a lot of shoes.... Well a lot of shoes for me.