Notes on Paris: things I packed

I think I packed the best I could for Paris knowing that the average temperatures would be in the mid 70s. So "average" means it could go up or down. I packed for the up and for the down. I have to keep telling myself that as I look at the linen pants and skirts that are just waiting for some warmer days.

Future packing notes to self:
Classic is best.
Bring a trench (the black one would have worked here and in Seattle)
You need a better (sturdy) umbrella. When the wind gusts you live in fear of your cheap umbrella breaking.
Boots. Comfortable boots.
Solid, tan scarves. Europeans mix black and brown like it is going out of style.
Could of brought the black knit scarf but this is hindsight because of the rain.
Gloves were a great choice.
Solid color bag next time. Maybe tan or black.
Maybe some fun scarves for the hair? Just an idea.
One skirt only. You hardly wear them at home, why would you wear them here?
Leave in conditioner. Your hair misses it.
Yea for bringing a good cooking knife. We use it everyday.

Paris Fashion notes:
Converse are in. Not a lot of black, but I have seen a lot of muted colors like grey and blue. Girls and guys both wear them.
Trench coats are everywhere. Longer trenches.
Girls wear heels, boots or really cute flats. Some of them are even colorful.
Almost everything worn here is a solid color (no prints or designs) for the most part.
EXCEPT for STRIPES. There are a lot of Stripes. We play "Where's Waldo" a lot.
Tights are everywhere.
Not everyone in Paris is fashionable, but no one in Paris wears white tennis shoes.

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