Paris Market: Rue Mouffetard

I guess I saved the best for last. It is our last day in Paris and I thought I would get around to telling you about the street we live on. First of all I have to tell you how lucky we feel to have gotten the apartment we have. I mentioned in a previous post about finding an apartment on Vacation Rental by Owner but I don't think I have told you about where we live (unless you count a few quick videos).

We live on Rue Mouffetard right in the center of the market section of the street. Out our front door are bakeries, produce stands, fish and meat markets, cheese shops and even a small supermarket. In addition to this there are tons of cafes, wine shops and even some pizza places. This street is in the "Latin Quarter" so named for when it was a university neighborhood and everyone spoke "Latin". The cafe selection is varied going all the way from traditional bistro food to sushi.

Our street is a happening place. In the day time everyone does their shopping at the markets and tourist crowd the street (it is a tourist stop). At night the street (which is closed to cars most of the time) is full of pedestrians checking out the numerous cafes. My new favorite cafe is just down the way on the corner. It is called Cave La Bourgogne.

The street can be wild and crazy but when we close the first door of our apartment complex the street noise disappears. All we hear in our apartment is the birds or the local church bells telling the time. We have the best of both worlds. We were SO SO lucky with our apartment. I don't think we could have found a better place to live in Paris.

Paris Market: Rue Mouffetard from everyAugust on Vimeo.

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