Review: Café du Marché

I was so disappointed in my last restaurant that I couldn't leave it as the top blog post for long. I rushed to do a review of Café du Marché over off Rue Cler, kind of near the Eiffel Tower where we had lunch yesterday.
Score 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

Café du Marché is on a corner of Rue Cler and some other street. When we arrived the restaurant was busy and a waiter pointed us to a table "outside" under an enclosed patio where we listened to the rain and watched the people walk by. Seating was at little round tables pushed four in a row. When I asked my sisters what to give this for atmosphere they said a 3.5 because "it is what it is but it doesn't offer anything extra".
Score= 3.5

We were handed some menus (with English on them) but looked and ordered off the chalkboard menu.

We had:
Carafe of the house red
Cheeseburger with potatoes
Penne with tomato and basil
Rigatoni in a truffle cream sauce
Dessert: tiramisu, coconut tart, profiteroles rolls
Café Creme
Total= €59.10 ($82.83 US)

I was hungry when we arrived at Café du Marché and I passed someone eating a cheeseburger (with a knife and fork) and thought it looked good. The sisters ordered pasta and when it arrived the wrong type of pasta was with the wrong dish. For example the penne was supposed to be with the truffle cream sauce but the rigatoni was with it. No big deal, they just switched plates. I removed the tomatoes from my burger and went about eating it in the french fashion, with a knife and fork. It was a bit of a challenge. The flavor was pretty good and the burger was cooked rare. I am usually a medium-rare girl myself and have found the French serve most of the beef I have ordered as medium-rare but closer to the rare side. This was the first time I had rare meat in France but it was tasty so I just kept eating. The penne with tomato and basil was simple and a little lacking to our taste buds. One sister said it needed mozzarella and I thought it could use some more basil, but the dish was what it said it was: penne with tomato and basil. The pasta with truffle cream sauce on the other hand was amazing. The cream sauce balanced the truffle flavor with the texture of the pasta. While the sauce seemed "rich" in flavor it was not overwhelming. We mopped up the sauce with bread to make sure it was not wasted. For dessert I had the tiramisu which I found too sweat but the little sister said her profiteroles rolls with chocolate sauce were not sweet enough so we switched. The coconut tart was "pretty good, not too sweet" according to the middle sister. They also served this with chocolate sauce and I thought that was overkill.
Score= 3.75

The wait staff was always running at this place and our waiter was okay. He spoke okay English and was very matter-of-fact with a "boyish charm". We were not sure if he messed up the pasta order or if the kitchen did so we will let that one slide.
Score= 3.5

Overall we really liked this place, would recommend it, and will defiantly go back. If you go make sure to look on the "chalkboard menu" for the specials.
Overall Score= 4

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