Review: Le Restaurant in the Musee d'Orsay

Le Restaurant in the Musee d'Orsay was recommended to me by a friend. Unfortunately on our first trip to the museum we got a little mixed up and found the Cafe on the top floor and thought that was what he had recommended. When we asked if there was another cafe in the museum the hostess said that "this cafe" was the only one. She was correct. This was the only "cafe". What we were looking for was called "Le Restaurant". Our mistake. We went to Le Restaurant on free museum Sunday after a morning at the Louvre.

Le Restaurant is in the old salon of the train station that became the Musee d'Orsay. It has been renovated and is cream and gold with chandeliers and mirrors providing elegant lighting. Located on the third floor, it has windows running the length of the restaurant and about thirty foot ceilings. While the atmosphere makes one think of the Ritz this establishment has no stiff dress code. Most of the clientele are museum goers and dressed appropriately (i.e. casual).
Score: 4.5

What we had:
Bottle of white wine
Bottle of water
Cheese plate with salad
Plate du jour: fish and gnocchi
Chicken wrapped in prosciutto with a side of penne
Vegetable Risotto
Chocolate cake
Ice Cream
Total= €120.00 ($168.67)

Excellent except for the risotto. The texture was wrong. It needed to be creamier. Other than that the cheese plate and salad were delicious with the assort of cheese really complementing each other. The little sister really enjoyed her chicken stuffed with some kind of cheese and then wrapped in prosciutto. My gnocchi and fish were good and the desserts rocked. Overall we were impressed with the food, except the risotto.
Score: 4

So cute in their grey suits, so charming and funny. Our waiter played down how well he spoke english. Very knowledgeable about the menu and attentive. Exemplary service and our favorite wait staff in Paris.
Score: 5

Overall I think we were charmed by this restaurant and the wait staff. I would recommend it as a splurge restaurant (i.e. a place to eat like the French with multiple courses) and as a bonus you get to enjoy a great museum.
Score: 4.5

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