"Take Away" from Paris

To go food in Paris is called "Take Away". Some restaurants hang signs in the window to let you know you can get food to go. It makes me smile that they call it "Take Away". In this spirit here are a few things I am going to "Take Away" from Paris.

1. Make my own bread. I actually started making my own bread right before I left for Paris by following a recipe in a book called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I will keep it up when I get home. I love having fresh baguettes.

2. Make my own Pasta. I just got a new pasta attachment for my kitchen aid and I am looking forward to using it. Fresh pasta is easy to make and quick to cook. I am formulating ravioli recipes in my head for when I get home. Here in Paris I walk by fresh Pasta everyday on our street. It is very motivational.

3. Make my own yogurt. I ordered a European Yogurt maker before I left California and am looking forward to using it when I get home. We have a joke about some of the food here saying it taste different because it is missing "chemicals". I have decided to really start pay attention to what kinds of foods I am putting in my body.

4. Chocolate mouse. I eat chocolate mouse for dessert all the time here. I am going to find a recipe I love and perfect it.

5. Spend more on quality food. I buy a lot of my food at farmers' markets but I usually only show up with $25. I think I am going to bring more money and start buying things like cheese and fish, the high price items at the farmer's markets.

6. Cook with family. The middle sister and I are going to start cooking together once a week. We cook together a lot but now we are going to have a standing date. We love to cook and eat and drink wine, so now we will get together once a week and do it. This is only a Paris "Take Away" because we decided to do it while in Paris.

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