YNP: Day 4-Thermopolis,WY

Today we took our time getting to Thermopolis, WY. It was just 55mi from Riverton so we made a lot of stops. Our day started with a great country breakfast at the Trailhead Family Restaurant. I was a little shocked when the hostess asked if we wanted smoking or non smoking but then remembered we where in Wyoming and they do things differently here. Or I guess they do them the same and it is CA that has changed. Anyhow the breakfast was tasty and T pointed out that this was what he loved about this trip, how we got to explore a town and find local places to eat or things to do. Me? I was thinking that it would have been nice if he had explained this to me before we left and I wouldn't have packed the fridge. Live and learn I guess.

Here are some shots from the trip to Thermopolis. T said the Airstream needed a charge.

Some of the scenery

T took this shot in Wind River Canyon

A ranger told us to try Red Cliffs restaurant in Thermopolis and I had the prime burger with black pepper onion rings.

Then we toured around town stopping at a hardware store, Hot Springs State Park where you can use the hot springs for free at the "Bath House" and The Dinosaur Center.

T needed coffee so we headed back to the Airstream and then tried out the hot springs at our campground. Here is a  a video T shot.


YNP: Day 3- Riverton, WY

I took my first vacation nap today. I think a person should take as many naps as possible on a vacation. It has made me think that I should take more vacations and less trips. On trips it seems I am always in a hurry to do and see things. On vacation I just nap. It is kind of like comparing a tropical vacation to a trip to New York City. I know which one would be more relaxing....

The long drives seem to be over for a bit and today we drove about 150mi to Riverton, WY.

T and Samson were up early checking the map.

Highway 28 offered some great vistas.

We rolled into Riverton, Wy and took a long nap. Then we checked out the Fremont County Fair were we had "indian tacos" and fry bread.

Tonight we are camped at Owl Creek Kampground.

YNP: Day 2- Rock Springs, WY

We got a late start and it felt like we were on the road FOREVER! On day 01 we drove 500mi and on day 02 we drove 350mi but it felt longer. Maybe because we left late or stopped at a million Starbucks..... who knows. And while I know the trip should be about the journey and not the destination, I just really wanted to get to our destination. Guess I was tired of sitting in the car. Here are some things I saw on the way:

We have had some amazing clouds and it makes for nice pictures but I was really fascinated by the contrast of the red dirt and blue sky.

In CA the speed limit when you are towing a trailer is 55mph but in other states it is the same as what the cars have unless otherwise posted. We didn't feel too safe testing out this one in Utah.

We saw billboards for this restaurant for a hundred miles and decided to stop and try it out. It was pretty good and T said the pot roast was amazing.

I felt like we were in Utah FOREVER and at this rest stop I might of been getting a little grumpy about it. So instead of taking smiling pictures with T I took a few pictures of the Airstream.

The drive was pretty and I spent most of it snapping shots out the window.

We finally made it to Wyoming and they have wind power!

And wide open spaces with the threat of a thunderstorm.

We made it to Rock Springs, WY and headed over to the Sweetwater County Fair. It was 54 degrees and windy!


YNP: Day 1- Beaver, Utah

Very tired. Drove through four states today. Internet connection a little slow at this campground (I am so spoiled at home) so with that in mind I am going to keep it short, sweet and let the pictures tell the story.

A few quick notes:
LOVE the iPhone. It found us multiple Starbucks and would show us where we were on the map. T used Pandora on the iPhone to give us music for the trip up.

We left before dawn but here is the sun coming up.

We drove on I-15 through the Mohave Desert and stopped at the cleanest rest area I have ever seen called Valley Wells.

Crossed into Nevada (I have never been to Nevada) and had really bad lighting and lots of hot weather and ugly scrub brush. It didn't make for that nice of photos but here is one so Nevada doesn't get left out.

We did make one stop in Vegas.

And then we went to Arizona for a little while.

And finally we made it to Utah where we drove through a little rain storm and ended up in Beaver, Utah.

We set up camp under the trees and tried mexican food in Utah.

Here is a short video of part of the drive. It is like virtual reality.... you can feel like you are HERE :)


Airstream Remodel- July 27

We leave tomorrow for Yellowstone....finally. Here is what we will be taking.

Reading material for the road trip

This was posted from my iPhone.
I am waiting for T to bring the Airstream over so I can do my part and
clean and pack the inside. We leave tomorrow!!!!!
Here is my list of reading materials for the trip.....


Technology and my trip to Yellowstone

Those of you who knew me back in the day might laugh at this post, and those of you who know T probably never stopped to think of my name and "technologically savvy" in the same sentence, but in a strange twist of events I have a job that deals with technology and people think I know my stuff.

I bring this up because I am trying to find ways to blog on our trip to Yellowstone. It is not my intention to stop at multiple Starbucks to blog so I am researching my options.

I am trying to find ways to post pictures to MyMap on Google Maps via the iPhone but running into a few snags. On a good note I found I could post to my blog directly from my phone but a lot of the organization features are off. I guess something is better than nothing. Unfortunately I have been reading that Yellowstone doesn't have good/any? cell service and wifi around the campfire doesn't seem to be an option either:)

So I guess I will do the best I can with what I have. It is after all a vacation and I intend to enjoy it! And you can too, but you might have a few days of delay.

Four OR Five days until we leave!


The NEWEST route to Yellowstone

Here is T's latest route to Yellowstone:

Huntington Beach CA - Beaver, Utah
Beaver - Rock Creek, Wyoming
Rock Creek - Riverton, Wyoming
Riverton - Thermopolis, Wyoming
Thermopolis - Red Lodge, Montana
Red Louge - Yellowstone National Park

He has found a bunch of county fairs in Wyoming and it looks like me might stop at a few.

View Directions to Yellowstone National Park in a larger map


What's up with the Road Trip?

Yeah.... I'm not really sure. Technically we were supposed to leave this Saturday but that date might be pushed back a few days. Until last night we were thinking that the Airstream might not be good to go and that we should just book an Alaska Cruise (and on a side note there where a ton available through Kayak.com) but T has assured me a trip to Yellowstone and Wyoming are in our immediate future.

How about a little Airstream update? No problem. Let's ignore the fact that I might have forgotten what T looks like because he leaves the house at 5am and comes home at 10:30pm and talk about my (small) contribution, the curtains! First off I am not a seamstress and do not like to sew, but when T asked I felt like I needed to do something and said okay. It took me SIX DAYS to do these curtains (with some help from my Mom (Thanks Mom)) and they look nice and will work for this trip. Some pictures are below but I would like to highlight a few items. Pleating is not easy. This is upholstery fabric and very hard to sew multiple layers of. Why yes, these curtains are lined, and custom and I have a sketchbook filled with pictures and measurements so they would be almost perfect. I will NOT be opening a sewing business any time soon. My cat Samson loved making curtains and my Mom's cat Anne even tried to help...

Now I know you are really interested in what is going on with the Airstream and here are a few updates. Water, gas and electricity are almost good to go. The kitchen cabinet might not get done. T is in a place now where he is balancing his "I will not drive an unusable Airstream to Wyoming" vs his inner struggle to have things look good AND function. Only time will tell where the balance will be. I also receive phone calls daily about changes to the "itinerary" and only know that we are heading toward Wyoming and are supposed to see Yellowstone. With a three week road trip I am sure it is all going to work out.


Paris Reflections

It is so nice to be home! The weather has been amazing and I am appreciate things I always take for granted (like not being allergic to a place). I love to travel because it gives me a chance to experience new places and cultures but also helps me truly see myself and the place where I live.

The day after we got back the little sister and I decided to head out for lunch. Now there are a lot of restaurants around where we live but all of a sudden we were REALLY aware of the quality of the food these restaurants serve. They just didn't appeal to us. We decided to go to a restaurant called Old Vine Cafe a little further away.

It seems like I haven't been to Old Vine in over a year. With the new job and T and I having schedule changes we just never seemed to make it up there. I really missed it. The food is amazing and seasonal and made me feel like I was back in Paris at a cafe (sigh). The only bad thing was that there was no Metro to take us home so wine was not part of lunch (sigh again).

Here are some of my reflections on Paris:

Public transportation is AWESOME. The metro was amazing and I really miss it. Driving is overrated and driving in So Cal is not a friendly experience. I noticed, surprisingly, that people drive slowly in Paris and are very courteous to motor bikes, bicycles and pedestrians. A little different here....

Cell phones work in the metro but people don't talk on them, they text. Very few times did I actually HEAR someone talking on the phone. The Parisians talk quietly with their hand covering there mouth when they talk on their phones in public. I think you can draw your own comparison to how people use there phones here in the U.S..

When I first got back I was hyper-aware of plastic. There is plastic in France but a lot of items are packaged in glass. The residential trash system even has a separate recycling container just for glass. Plastic seems to be everywhere here. It really made me stop and look around at how many items are not being re-used. I mean, I recycle, but am I doing enough? After reflection on this I decided to start doing more. When we get back form Yellowstone I am going to start my worm bin again for the kitchen scrapes we create. I think I am going to start a small vegetable garden to have fresh lettuce and spinach out my front door. I am going to make myself aware of all the plastic I use and find ways to use it again. I know I am just one person, but I can still make a difference.

I really enjoyed my trip in Paris. I learned things about myself and got to experience a great city. When I got back I was in this "Zen" state for a few days. I wanted to slow down. Take time. Smell the flowers. But as the week progressed I found myself being sucked in by the tide and now I have to swim against it to try to find that Zen state. I guess that is what vacation is supposed to be. A time to let us find the slower version of who we want to be. I am just searching for a balance.

Here is my new mantra:
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Notes to Self:

Shop Little Saigon, fresh (pesticide free?) products

Parisians as a whole
different sense of humor
don't smile much

Americans as talkative vs friendly?

Things I learned
arrive home on a Friday
pack less
Paris walking city OC and LA not

Next trip
3 weeks
cooler weather
move around
plan better
schedule me time
pack in layer