YNP: Day 2- Rock Springs, WY

We got a late start and it felt like we were on the road FOREVER! On day 01 we drove 500mi and on day 02 we drove 350mi but it felt longer. Maybe because we left late or stopped at a million Starbucks..... who knows. And while I know the trip should be about the journey and not the destination, I just really wanted to get to our destination. Guess I was tired of sitting in the car. Here are some things I saw on the way:

We have had some amazing clouds and it makes for nice pictures but I was really fascinated by the contrast of the red dirt and blue sky.

In CA the speed limit when you are towing a trailer is 55mph but in other states it is the same as what the cars have unless otherwise posted. We didn't feel too safe testing out this one in Utah.

We saw billboards for this restaurant for a hundred miles and decided to stop and try it out. It was pretty good and T said the pot roast was amazing.

I felt like we were in Utah FOREVER and at this rest stop I might of been getting a little grumpy about it. So instead of taking smiling pictures with T I took a few pictures of the Airstream.

The drive was pretty and I spent most of it snapping shots out the window.

We finally made it to Wyoming and they have wind power!

And wide open spaces with the threat of a thunderstorm.

We made it to Rock Springs, WY and headed over to the Sweetwater County Fair. It was 54 degrees and windy!

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