YNP: Day 3- Riverton, WY

I took my first vacation nap today. I think a person should take as many naps as possible on a vacation. It has made me think that I should take more vacations and less trips. On trips it seems I am always in a hurry to do and see things. On vacation I just nap. It is kind of like comparing a tropical vacation to a trip to New York City. I know which one would be more relaxing....

The long drives seem to be over for a bit and today we drove about 150mi to Riverton, WY.

T and Samson were up early checking the map.

Highway 28 offered some great vistas.

We rolled into Riverton, Wy and took a long nap. Then we checked out the Fremont County Fair were we had "indian tacos" and fry bread.

Tonight we are camped at Owl Creek Kampground.

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