YNP: Day 4-Thermopolis,WY

Today we took our time getting to Thermopolis, WY. It was just 55mi from Riverton so we made a lot of stops. Our day started with a great country breakfast at the Trailhead Family Restaurant. I was a little shocked when the hostess asked if we wanted smoking or non smoking but then remembered we where in Wyoming and they do things differently here. Or I guess they do them the same and it is CA that has changed. Anyhow the breakfast was tasty and T pointed out that this was what he loved about this trip, how we got to explore a town and find local places to eat or things to do. Me? I was thinking that it would have been nice if he had explained this to me before we left and I wouldn't have packed the fridge. Live and learn I guess.

Here are some shots from the trip to Thermopolis. T said the Airstream needed a charge.

Some of the scenery

T took this shot in Wind River Canyon

A ranger told us to try Red Cliffs restaurant in Thermopolis and I had the prime burger with black pepper onion rings.

Then we toured around town stopping at a hardware store, Hot Springs State Park where you can use the hot springs for free at the "Bath House" and The Dinosaur Center.

T needed coffee so we headed back to the Airstream and then tried out the hot springs at our campground. Here is a  a video T shot.

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  1. Thermopolis! That is a place right out of the Twilight Zone...