Video: San Onofre Surf with the Family

San O with Jacksons from everyAugust on Vimeo.

My favorite foods for Fall

Yes we are having very warm weather in CA right now but the other day I found myself thinking of my favorite foods for Fall. They are foods that require an oven or to be cooked on the stove top for an extended length of time. They will not be making an appearance until we have cooled down a bit, but suddenly I was thinking of roast chicken. Stuffed with lemons and rosemary and garlic. With sweet potato fries or roasted red potatoes layed under the chicken and cooked in its juice. Maybe some lentil soup made with the lentils I got in Paris, or Ina Gartens Chicken Chili. My Fall comfort foods are whispering my name. I need to check out the farmers market tomorrow to see what is changing because as sad as I am to see summer go, it's things like roast chicken that make me look forward to Fall.


Looks like August is over....

Wow. I had an amazing summer.
I went to Paris for a month.
I visited 7 states on my way to Yellowstone National Park.
I saw my first bear, moose, elk, thermal feature and buffalo.

It was pretty spectacular, but now it is over. I have been at work all week and start school tomorrow. It cruelly feels like summer is over mentally even though it is hot and the beach is calling. I guess I just need to focus on my favorite things about fall. As a symbol of this summer ending, I have changed the blog banner. These trips have been taken and it is time to start planning for next August!


YNP: Day 19- the drive home with Samson

The long drive home started before dawn and Samson was so tired he crashed just as the sun came up. Our drive was uneventful so I thought I would use this last post to highlight Samson. He is such a good traveler.


YNP: Day 18- Goodbye Wyoming

Today we started our two day trek home. As I type this on my phone we are in Beaver, Utah parked between two loud semi-trucks at a truck stop. It is a long cry from the national parks we just left, but I have a feeling the biggest culture shock will come tomorrow back in California.

We got on the road around 7:30 and the buffalo didn't want us to go so they created another traffic jam, just for us. Thanks guys....

YNP: Day17- I went to the Spa!

Go ahead and judge me if you want but when T and I drove by this Spa I suddenly really needed a massage, and facial, and..... well a shower that wasn't a camping shower. I had lasted 17 days with all this hiking and outdoor stuff and I Just Really Wanted a Shower. It kind of helped that T wanted to go fishing and had to check some stuff on the Airstream. So after a late breakfast he dropped me off and I had a great day at the spa. I took four separate showers!


YNP: Day 16- Canoe the Grand Tetons

T wanted to take a canoe trip so we rented a canoe and checked out the campsites and views from String and Leigh Lake. Me, I am not a canoe-er; T, he used to do canoe backpacking trips and was planning our next adventure. Me, not sure about this next plan but the views from the lake were amazing and I had a good time until we had to paddle back in the wind. That is when I thought I might not be a canoe-er.

Here are some pictures from T's camera:

YNP: Day 15- Grand Tetons

Our day started before dawn and we saw a bull moose in our campground on the way out. My first moose, about 30 feet away. Then we saw some antelope and had a buffalo traffic jam in the way to photograph a barn with the Tetons (mountains) in the background. I shot this little house (pictured). It was time for breakfast so we headed to the Jenny Lake Lodge and then did the String and Leigh Lake hikes were I saw a BEAR about 30 feet away. The day ended with a nice ribeye under the stars.


The Moose in the campground.

Hiking String and Leigh Lakes.


YNP: Day 14- Drive to Grand Tetons

We left early today to drive south to Grand Tetons National Park. We took the south exit from Yellowstone and hit MAJOR road construction for the next 40mi or so. It was slow going. We finally made it to the Grand Tetons and got a campsite at Gros Ventre. Then we headed to Jackson Hole and had some dinner.

Here is a video T made when we got to our campsite.


YNP: Day 13- It's all about the fish

Our last day in Yellowstone was all about fishing. T has taken up fly fishing and on day 13 we went fishing. I brought a chair and a book and T fished. He caught a few and then we headed over to the firehole river to check out a swimming hole. It was beautiful and warm and right across the way some fish were jumping so back to the car for some more fishing! T caught his biggest fish here and we had a great time. We closed out our time here with dinner at the Old Faithful Inn. It was an awesome day...


YNP: Day 12- West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone is the town located just before the west entrance to YNP. We headed there on day 12 to do some laundry. The laundry place had wifi and hot showers too. Score! There was a classic car show going the same day we were there so we checked it out, and looked at some fly shops and then it was time for lunch. We cruised back to the camp site about three. I took a nap and was awaken by hail!

So it was kind of a mellow day and T and I agree that we both really like West Yellowstone.


Fly shop.

Car Show.


YNP: Laundry has WiFi

I just added some pictures and video to days 6 and 7 and 8. Check them out!

YNP: Day 11- North Entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs

On Day 11 we drove to the North Entrance and Gardiner, MT. We checked out Mammoth Hot Springs and saw a Grizzly Bear on the way home! (Sorry no picture of the Grizzly)

North Entrance to the Park, the Roosevelt Arch.

Mammoth Hot Springs:


YNP: Day 10- Firehole River and Canyon Area

Day 10 started with some photography on the Firehole River and then a return trip to the Canyon area. The video is of the Firehole river:

I think this part of the Firehole River might have been one of my favorite places in Yellowstone.

T taking some pictures.

More of the river. This is taken near Fountain Flats Drive.

YNP: Day 9- Yellowstone Lower Loop

Day 9 we decided to do the lower loop of the Yellowstone figure 8 road. We started out close to our campground and biked around the back side of the middle geyser basin. Then we hiked to Fairy Falls and drove to Lake Yellowstone. On the upward turn we hiked the North Rim of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. It was a very outdoor kind of day!


Here are some more pictures of the bike ride.

The fire in 1988 really devastated Yellowstone. The little green trees have been growing for over 20 years....

This is Fairy Falls.

Another Buffalo Traffic Jam.

Us at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

The sun came out and lit up the Canyon. This photo has not been altered in any way. It is stunning.

YNP: Day 8- Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin

Day 8 found us at the Old Faithful Inn for breakfast then we hiked the Upper Geyser Basin. Incredible! Every few steps there would be steam or bubbling mud or boiling water. We spent all day exploring this area.



YNP: Day 7 con't Old West Cookout

I signed us up for the Old West Cookout out of the Roosevelt Lodge. We took a 2 hour horse back ride to the cookout where we had some ribeyes and cowboy coffee. Some people took these wagons out. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. More info when I am not posting via phone!


YNP: Day 7- Madison Campground

Another post via phone:

This is the Madison River, right by our campground and where I ran this morning.