1000 mile challenge

I think I can I think I can think I can.....

NO. I will I will I will.

I will finish the 1000 mile running challenge. Even if it means I am running 5 miles a day Monday - Friday and 10 on Saturday. (I gave myself Sundays off.) I will, I will, I will, I will finish this crazy running challenge my sister though up last New Years'. She decided we needed to run more and said we should run 1000 miles in 2009. I signed on. We were doing great until Paris. Then my iPod (we use Nike+ to track miles)broke in Paris and I find myself really behind. But I have decided to up my running and complete the challenge.

It will also help with my challenge with my dad

(And if you are following the 25pound challenge, my dad was in the lead as of this morning but we went to an all you can eat buffet and I did much better then he did, so we will see what next week holds.)

I did finish the 1000 mile challenge and so did the Middle Sister. We ran 150 miles in November to do it!


Bring it on DAD!!!!

Are you like me? Trying to lose the "freshman 15" that turned into the 30year old "25 pounds". No? Just me?

Wow. Twenty-five pounds feels like a lot. And it is when I need to really watch what I eat and switch up my exercise to keep my body guessing.

Dirty DAD!

Turns out we both want to lose 25 pounds so he challenged me to see who can lose it first. Thanks Dad, who knows when i might eat dessert again? The challenge has not been clearly defined but it goes something like this.

First person to lose 25 pounds wins and the person who keeps it off for a year wins.

Now I think my dad will drop weight faster than I will but I think he will plateau and I might pass him. I will definitely beat him in the long run because I am stubborn and will keep the weight off.

This challenge has made me evaluate every bite of food I even think about eating.

It is a good thing to have this challenge, but I say Bring it on DAD. I am not going to let you beat me!


Santa Rosa day 2

iPhone Post.
Day 2 was suposed to find us canoeing down the Russian River but when we woke up to thunder, ligtning and rain that idea got scratched. Instead we went to the local farmers market (a 2 minute walk) checked out the outlets in Petaluma, drove around the historical district in Santa Rosa and walked around downtown. For dinner we tried a pizza and wine bar called Rosso. Amazing place. I loved everything. The night ended with a trip to a bar downtown to meet my sisters' roommates' friend and view the night life.


Santa Rosa day 1

iPhone post.

The middle sister and I are up in Santa Rosa visiting the little sister. She moved up here about a month ago and we really miss her. We flew in last night and started our day with a 5mi walk around Howarth / Spring Lake Park and breakfast at the Omlette Express. We spent the rest of the day wine tasting and exploring the area.
Tomorrow a canoe trip!


This is not a blog about work.

If you have been here a while you know this is not a blog about work. Or a blog about school... which I have started again. This blog is about what I do with my time when I am not doing those things, mainly eating, traveling and going to farmers markets. I am actually wondering if I should start doing restaurant reviews.... but I am straying off topic. What I wanted to talk about today was being a member of Generation X.

Until last year I never paid attention to the gen x thing. I actually always thought of myself as being on the border between gen x and gen y. According to the break down of ages this is where I fall on most charts. But last year at work they had a speaker who talked about all the different generations (traditional, baby boomers, gen x, gen y and the millennials) and how different each generation is/ was and how to better serve the populations I come in contact with. It was fascinating and actually created some issues between the baby boomers and gen x folks. Crazy, and very enlightening. Because I try to stick with the positive vibe stuff on this blog I am going to point out something that I do that is a gen x thing. I play hard. I work hard too, but when my day is over I do not bring work home, think about work or let work tell me how I am going to spend my weekend. When I leave work physically I also leave work mentally. I actually park my car far away from my office so I can process any thoughts I need to before I get on the road. Most nights on my drive home I am thinking about dinner.

Now if you read this blog you know I "play hard" and by play hard I mean live the adventure/life I want to live. My summer was amazing and am gathering ideas for the next trip.

It was funny to realize this work hard play hard thing was a gen X trait. I have always had the philosophy that life is too short to wait to fulfill my dreams.

I guess this was on my mind because work thoughts are slipping through my brain a little this weekend. It's funny, because I will identify the thought as work related and let it slip away. My mind is truelly on weekend mode..... am I am greatful it is. Worrying about work or things out of my control would ruin my weekend. And that's no way to prepare for a work week = ).......