This is not a blog about work.

If you have been here a while you know this is not a blog about work. Or a blog about school... which I have started again. This blog is about what I do with my time when I am not doing those things, mainly eating, traveling and going to farmers markets. I am actually wondering if I should start doing restaurant reviews.... but I am straying off topic. What I wanted to talk about today was being a member of Generation X.

Until last year I never paid attention to the gen x thing. I actually always thought of myself as being on the border between gen x and gen y. According to the break down of ages this is where I fall on most charts. But last year at work they had a speaker who talked about all the different generations (traditional, baby boomers, gen x, gen y and the millennials) and how different each generation is/ was and how to better serve the populations I come in contact with. It was fascinating and actually created some issues between the baby boomers and gen x folks. Crazy, and very enlightening. Because I try to stick with the positive vibe stuff on this blog I am going to point out something that I do that is a gen x thing. I play hard. I work hard too, but when my day is over I do not bring work home, think about work or let work tell me how I am going to spend my weekend. When I leave work physically I also leave work mentally. I actually park my car far away from my office so I can process any thoughts I need to before I get on the road. Most nights on my drive home I am thinking about dinner.

Now if you read this blog you know I "play hard" and by play hard I mean live the adventure/life I want to live. My summer was amazing and am gathering ideas for the next trip.

It was funny to realize this work hard play hard thing was a gen X trait. I have always had the philosophy that life is too short to wait to fulfill my dreams.

I guess this was on my mind because work thoughts are slipping through my brain a little this weekend. It's funny, because I will identify the thought as work related and let it slip away. My mind is truelly on weekend mode..... am I am greatful it is. Worrying about work or things out of my control would ruin my weekend. And that's no way to prepare for a work week = ).......

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