How is this helping me lose weight?

Here is a re-cap of a conversation I had recently:

Me: Is hot chocolate a dessert?
Co-worker: Yes.
Me: Really?
Him: At my house we consider it a dessert because we drink it in the evenings. Why?
Me: I have this challenge going with my dad to see who can lose 25 pounds first and I gave up dessert to try to help and I was seeing if hot chocolate was considered a dessert.
Him: How does having a hot chocolate help you lose weight?

Yep. My question got answered. And I have a new mantra; HOW IS THIS HELPING ME LOSE WEIGHT?

For those wondering, my dad is still in the lead with a 12 pound weight loss. He and I were close in the beginning but I have stalled out. It's kind of funny because we all know how to lose weight, eat right and exercise, but how many of us do this? I guess the frustrating part is that I am doing this... I think. I run or walk everyday. I am tracking my calories and what kind of calories I eat (fat, carbs, protein) but still I am not losing as much as my dad. And then I start to think about things I have read or learned somewhere. Things like, "muscle burns more calories then fat", "the body adapts to the same kind of exercise so you burn less calories" and other workout related phrases which boil down to:
Running doesn't make you thin.
Losing weight takes a lot of work
Everyday is about making the best decision I can.

Sorry Hot Chocolate, you and I will not be seeing each other for a while. I need to schedule some quality time developing some muscles.


Pizzeria Ortica

IPhone post.
T is fishing in the Sierras this weekend and after leaving work at 6:30 on Friday I was hungry, tired and in need of a good solution for dinner. The middle sister called and asked if I wanted to try Pizzeria Ortica for dinner. Yes please, and Thank You. This place was great. The food was mouth watering and the atmosphere was swanky. It reminded me of New York. This place was just what I needed.


How I spent my Saturday

I spent my Saturday creating this Flash video. My flash video is much cleaner and bigger. Somehow converting the video to a format the blog can post messed it up. Strange.


a piece of Paris in Southern California

There is / was something magical about the cafes in Paris. Starting my day with a coffee and baguette seemed like a good idea. When I came back to the states the idea of having a baguette for breakfast seemed like a bad idea. We are a little carb crazy over here... and the baguettes taste SO MUCH BETTER in France. If you read my posts about Paris you see we were eating them every day. I hardly ever eat bread here. But the cafes in Paris are not just about bread, they are about sitting and watching the day wake up. They are about good food and company. There is something about them that whispers "it's okay to eat that, sit for awhile, listen to your life" and somehow I found a version of this here in Southern California.

BonJour Cafe was one of the little sisters favorite places to eat when she lived in Dana Point. She was down this past weekend and I suggested we stop by. Now I will say that BonJour Cafe is probably the closest thing we busy Californians are going to find to a Paris Cafe. It is run by french people and the food is delicious. My sister loves the coffee and atmosphere. I love the bread! and those other things. Here are a few iPhone pictures. If you are in Dana Point, I highly recommend you try this place for breakfast. Get there early because it fills up.
Cafe latte


Mushroom Quiche


Blog Notes

Dear Blog,

I have decided its time to put a few things in writing. First I commit to writing once a week. I seem to be doing this, but I just wanted to let you know. Next I thought I should define what I write about. I mostly READ food blogs and was excited to see some of my favorites got nominated for awards over at Foodbuzz. Secretly I wish I could be a food blogger but I think it would take too much time, and time is not something I have a lot of right now. Instead, I'm going to try to be a food blogger once a month. I think I can do this. I'm going to start easy with recipes from a magazine or cookbook to get the photographing while cooking thing down. At least I will be encouraged to try new recipes.

I'm trying to stay with the theme of "travel, eat or find a farmers market" but I seem to be stretching it a bit. Yes, I count running as "traveling" and posts about food (even if it has to do with losing weight) are still posts about eating; and I love to eat.... and cook and travel. I guess these are good themes.

Just thought I should let you know so we are on the same page. See you next week.


What's up Salt Lake City?

I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah "on business". Or for work? But not for fun. Or because I thought it might be a good weekend to hop on a plane to Salt Lake City. No I am here for serious learning.

But that didn't stop me from taking a little walk around the city. Where I saw this:

And ate here:

And saw this on my walk home.

And don't forget Salt Lake City was the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

I guess the moral of the story is, no matter where or why we find ourself in a new place, we should always take a little time to look around.