How is this helping me lose weight?

Here is a re-cap of a conversation I had recently:

Me: Is hot chocolate a dessert?
Co-worker: Yes.
Me: Really?
Him: At my house we consider it a dessert because we drink it in the evenings. Why?
Me: I have this challenge going with my dad to see who can lose 25 pounds first and I gave up dessert to try to help and I was seeing if hot chocolate was considered a dessert.
Him: How does having a hot chocolate help you lose weight?

Yep. My question got answered. And I have a new mantra; HOW IS THIS HELPING ME LOSE WEIGHT?

For those wondering, my dad is still in the lead with a 12 pound weight loss. He and I were close in the beginning but I have stalled out. It's kind of funny because we all know how to lose weight, eat right and exercise, but how many of us do this? I guess the frustrating part is that I am doing this... I think. I run or walk everyday. I am tracking my calories and what kind of calories I eat (fat, carbs, protein) but still I am not losing as much as my dad. And then I start to think about things I have read or learned somewhere. Things like, "muscle burns more calories then fat", "the body adapts to the same kind of exercise so you burn less calories" and other workout related phrases which boil down to:
Running doesn't make you thin.
Losing weight takes a lot of work
Everyday is about making the best decision I can.

Sorry Hot Chocolate, you and I will not be seeing each other for a while. I need to schedule some quality time developing some muscles.

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