Flooring update

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The floor is out of the house. The concrete is dry and after
Thanksgiving we will start fixing the walls and clearing all the
furniture out to start working on the floor. We were going to have a
wood floor again but might go with stained concrete.... Just an idea.

The good news about our old floor is that when we took it to the dump
it was considered Green Waste, so it will be completly recycled. Very

T tells it like it is


A slight change in plans...

Last week I was working on this blog post about how I was going to maximize the storage in my kitchen to be able to add all this "new" kitchen stuff I inherited. I was taking pictures and making diagrams, but come Sunday night I was too tired to finish it and posted about Sunday brunch or dinner instead.

Maybe it's a good thing because Monday at 4:45am we found a slab leak in our house. You know, when there is a pipe in the foundation (concrete) and it's leaking, up through the WOOD FLOOR! Yep. Fun times. Now instead of finding a way to reorganize the kitchen, we are re-plumbing, tearing up the wood floor, painting (some walls got wet), letting the slab dry and then re-flooring. Did I mention our water has been off since Monday? Fun times.

The good news is that it looks like we are covered under our home-owners policy so we will not be going broke during this process. But that doesn't make it fun. We think we will be in "construction" until after Christmas. Sigh.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude, and I should because it could have been so much worse. T has been taking care of most of it. Well 99% of everything. I just help move things and clean. He has been dealing with insurance and plumbers and floor guys. We rip up floors tomorrow and re-plumbing starts Monday.

Wish me (us) luck!

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Burger Lounge SD

Visiting the in-laws


Sunday - Dinner or Brunch

New tradition. Sunday Brunch or Sunday Dinner with the middle sister every Sunday. Tonight we made dinner, testing out some recipes from the Food & Style blog. Good food and good times!


Tahoe X-mas

This time last year I was planning for Paris, finding an apartment, booking airfare and dreaming of my summer vacation.

This time, this year I have hardly thought of travel. The problem might be because I was going to take an Airstream trip on the years I didn't "go abroad" but T wanted to take an Airstream trip the same summer I went to Paris. So I had a great summer, but now I am having a hard time planning for something this summer. And when it starts to get dark early and colder, planning a summer adventure is like a light at the end of the tunnel. I kind of need a light at the end of the tunnel today. Sigh.

Now it looks like I might get a mini travel adventure in Tahoe for the holidays. Circumstances have thrown my mothers' side of the family together for the last few months and one of my uncles invited all of us to his house in Tahoe for Christmas. Ten people, one week, Tahoe. I am in. I am looking forward to it. I am excited to hang out with the family I have gotten to know over the last few months. It's helping to fill the piece of my heart that is missing. It will be good to start new traditions. It will be good to be with family. It will be good to have an adventure.