Farmers' Find: Satsuma Tangerines

Do you remember that first crush? How your heart would beat faster and your eyes sparkle at the sight of him (or her). I have a diluted reaction like that when I find certain things at the Farmers' Market. Satsuma tangerines do that to me.

I found them two weeks ago and braved horrendous rain storms to visit the farmers' market this week just to get some more. Let's start with the first really great thing about them, they are SO EASY to peel. I can keep the peel completely connected when I peel one. They are not too juicy, i.e. messy, but they taste like they should be. I eat at least three of these a day when they are in season. Not too sweet, not too much pucker. They are a little piece of summer on the tongue. My heart beats faster at the thought of them.

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