Funny stories in Paris

I guess I never posted these.... I miss Paris.

1. Just off the plane we took the train and metro into Paris. Being very tired and navigating train transfers led to the bad decision to try to pull our luggage through the ticket gates. These gates are timed and closed on the middle sisters luggage trapping it. I was behind her and used my ticket to open the gate and pushed my luggage through first so it wouldn't get stuck. I was not quick enough and the gate closed behind me trapping me by locking on my backpack. It all happened so quickly that we just started laughing. I was trying to shrug out of my backpack when a Parisian approached the terminal with a very confused look on his face. He gave my sister the "one second look" and then used his ticket to free me. Probably not something he sees everyday.

2. On our second morning in Paris the middle sister went to dry her hair with a hair dryer while at the same time the youngest sister went to straighten hers with a flat iron. Both were using items from home with adapters. The middle sister plugged in the hair dryer and it almost immediately shorted and started to smoke. Two minutes later the little sister yelled as the flat iron burned off a chunk of her hair. Lesson learned. American hair appliances do not work in France.

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