My new Trainer

Have you met my new trainer?

Yep, its a dog. My neighbor's dog. It is part of my "Be the Change" year theme. His name is Eddie. Eddie runs with the Middle Sister and I twice a week. He does the "trail dog trot". It makes me run faster then I usually run. He takes me out of my own head and makes me just run.

Eddie is about a year old and lives with my neighbors across the street. We all have tiny patios and I thought it would be good for him and his owners if he got a little exercise. His owners were very excited and told me to just knock on the door if the light was off. (We leave at 5:40AM). Eddie was not sure what to think of us the first day, but is so excited now. When T goes running with us he takes Eddie and they RUN. Middle Sister and I are more of joggers and Eddie is cool with that most of the time.

It is great to run with a dog. Eddie is always happy to go running and keeps pushing us to keep up with him. It is nice to have a new trainer.

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  1. And one day I too will have a new trainer. Too bad Sam doesn't run.