Grown up Easter Baskets

When I was a child we didn't eat candy. My mom didn't buy chips or cookies or "sugar cereals". She bought things like natural no salt added peanut butter. Whole grain bread, back when it was like eating a whole bunch of grains stuck together with who knows what. She would make non-fat plain yogurt with raisins. For breakfast we would have grapefruit (off the tree) or peanut butter toast. The moral of the story is that we very rarely got to eat candy. The exception was Xmas and Easter. (I know Halloween seemed like a good holiday to get candy... but she didn't let us go trick-or-treating.)

As my sisters and I have aged we realized we were pretty lucky that our mom was this "crazy health food nut". We all went through stages of eating really poorly and have come full circle for the most part. T eats the same peanut butter my mom had us eat as kids and it makes me laugh to see it in the pantry.

Over the years we have kept the easter basket tradition. For years my mom would make us small (they were always small) baskets with your typical easter candy in them. A few years ago the Middle Sister decided it was time for Grown Up Easter Baskets. She gave us "baskets" with wine and dark chocolate, books, magazines and spa stuff. They were awesome! Grown Up Easter Baskets are something I look forward to every easter.

This year we gave one to my mom. It was a tote with Three Cups of Tea (book), Middle Sister Rebel Red wine, dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, Yes to Carrots Facial Starter Kit and tea. She loved it.

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