Running in Orlando

When ever I travel I like to get the lay of the land by going for a run. Running shows me things I never would have found if I just stayed in the hotel or followed the paths of others. It helps me get a better understanding of where I am and where the restaurants are!

Greetings from Florida! I am here for a few days with some students for the Phi Theta Kappa Convention. (Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society of the two year colleges, not a Fraternity or Sorority). We are staying at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. Have you been to Walt Disney World? It is its own city. Once you get in... It is very hard to leave. Well, it seems hard to leave because it is designed so you do not see the outside and if you don't have a car.... there is no escaping.

My first morning I went for a run at 8am (5am my time) and found some restaurants and Disney's Hollywood Studios (whatever that is). My second run I headed out at 6am (3am my time) and took some pictures with better light. Here are a few pictures from running in Florida.

The first day I found my "office chair"

Everything was really well lit

Empty parking lots

And incredible sunrises


  1. Gorgeous! Were these all with your phone? Because the pictures look great. I need a new office chair, I think.

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