Five days until summer

On Friday I will officially be on summer vacation. My bio mentions that I worked hard to find a job that gives me free summers and I am defiantly counting down the days. This was my second year at my job and it was a lot harder than the first year. In a nut shell I had too much on my plate and that meant I did not complete everything I wanted to and some of the things I did complete were not up to my standards. Lesson learned. Next year I am going to be very careful with how much I take on.

This summer is going to be pretty chill. I have a few road trips planned and a camping trip with T but nothing like last summer where I was only home for three weeks. I also might be teaching my first class and will still be taking Grad school classes....

Overall I hope to cook, garden, organize my house and relax. I think I can manage that.

One thing I really love about my job is that each year is a new start. A co-worker and I were talking recently and it really dawned on my how lucky I was. I was thinking about how I could not wait for this year to end and how next year would be better. I remember having jobs were the only light at the end of the tunnel was the idea that I would not be there forever. I think it is important to remember details like this when life gets me down. I also think it is important to make the most of the breaks we get. That is why this summer, even though I am not globe trotting, I think it will be amazing. I can't wait!

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