395: Day 1-2

I think it took about 6 hours to reach our campsite. I might have napped for some of that time…. In my previous post I lamented the lack of a plan. I stand by my statement that T very rarely reads this blog but the next day he called and asked me to create a meal plan. He also created some Google Docs and posted an itinerary. The main point of the trip was still to fish, but now I knew where we were going.

Day 1-2 was spent at Tinemaha Campground between Independence and Big Pine, CA. One of T’s students had told him about this campsite and it is pretty cool. There is a creek running through it with some trees and the Sierra Mountains in the background. When we arrived on Wednesday our little group were the only campers. T’s best friends’ parents are camping with us for the first few days. We set up camp next to the stream and they started fishing. Over the next two hours they caught 6 trout and we had them for diner.

Day 2 found us exploring Bishop and trying to find a campground at a higher elevation. The high is about 90 right now but it is supposed to get to 100 this weekend. We have Samson the cat with us and worry about him getting too hot if we go fishing somewhere. Our day trip took us by the fish hatchery, up to North Lake and we found a campground with a very nice camp host called Bishop Park. We are moving up on Friday but here are some pictures from the adventure so far.

Here is the Campsite. T and Dick are getting ready to fish.

The creek running by our site. It is nice to fall asleep to the sound of the creek.

The fisher-people with their catch.

Our camp.

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