395: Day 5 Bishop and Buttermilk Road

I have finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and am back to camping! Well, almost. Today we went into Bishop and did laundry and checked out the town. It was HOT in Bishop.

On the way out of town we took the long way home on Buttermilk Road. This road is not recommended if you do not have 4x4 drive. It took us about three hours to get home. Because I know only myself and the middle sister can truly appreciate what it is like to go on a road trip with T, I though I should explain what it is like. He stops. A lot. To take pictures or just to look at something. He goes down “roads” and across rivers and where ever the adventure takes him. Me. I am just sitting in the passenger seat. I can usually hang for the first few hours and if I am lucky I have a book with me but after a while…. It is just not as fun. On this trip I started to let T know that it stopped being fun and he asked me how it could be better for me. Let me drive I said. Nobody likes to be the passenger all the time. And he did. Let me drive. For about 20 minutes but I can see this is baby steps for him. It was much better then being the passenger the whole time. Here are a few pictures.

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