395: Food

And we are home....

It has taken a little bit of time to get back into the swing of things. T went back to work the day we got home but both of us having been pulling late nights and sleeping in (if you call 7am sleeping in) for a few days. It is funny because when we were camping we would go to bed when it got dark (about 9pm) and wake up between 5-6am. Usually I go to bed around 9pm and wake up at 5am. Sleeping in to 7... well that is unusual. It looks like we might be returning to our schedules... slowly.

I am going to post some pictures of the food we ate on the trip. I was in charge of planning for food and did pretty well. In a previous blog post I might of mentioned how I need a plan and there did not seem to be one, other then to fish. I might of mentioned that T doesn't read this blog..... So something funny happened a few nights ago. I guess T's dad was following the blog and said something to T about the pictures I posted (Hi Hector if you are still reading!) and T decided to check it out. So we are in bed, me sleeping and T surfing the web when all of a sudden he goes, "I didn't know you didn't want to go on the trip." What? (I am sleeping remember). "In your blog..." You are reading my blog? "Well Hector was following it.." Yea, I was not excited about going. "Did you have a good time?" You know I did. "I know, I was just checking." Does this mean you are going to be reading my blog? "Maybe...".

So I might have one more reader.... but I am not holding my breath.

On to the food! I love FOOD. Here are some of the things we ate on the trip.

Trout fresh from the stream on the first night

Bacon, eggs and potatoes

Rib-eye steak with blue cheese, baked potato and corn


Our kitchen table at Bishop Park


Brownie Pie from Lake Sabrina

Apricot Pie from Lake Sabrina

Beer, T drank a lot of beer

We ate well and had a great time. I am looking forward to more adventures along Hwy 395!

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