395: Day 7-8 White Mountains and Bristlecone Pine Forest

On day 7 of our trip the camp host Viki took me into Bishop when she had to run some errands while T hiked to Lamark Lake with Steve. I needed a break from the hiking…

Viki took me to lunch at the BBQ place on Main Street and showed me the used bookstore. It was a nice little trip to town and I feel like I know a lot more about Bishop.

Day 8 found T and I up early and driving to the White Mountains (the mountain range on the other side of the Owens Valley) to go to the Bristlecone Pine Forest. The White Mountains are very different from the Sierra Mountains. While the Sierra jut up violently into the sky, it seems like the White Mountains roll their way to heaven. Very different, but just as amazing. One cool thing about the White Mountains is that you have a great view of the Sierra. Here is one of the vistas.

We went to the Bristlecone Pine Forest and decided to drive to the Patriarch Grove. What a drive! It was off-roading most of the time but a 4x4 vehicle is not required. The views of the Sierra are amazing. We stopped a lot on the way to the Patriarch Grove. When we finally got there (it took about 5 hours from the time we left) we had to hike the last mile in because the road was closed. The Patriarch Grove is at 11000 feet. Here are some pictures.

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