395: Day 9-11

It was SNOWING when we woke up this morning! Crazy. It was not cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground where we are camping but it was kind of weird. Snow, in June.

The last few days have been low key with me really trying to catch up on my homework. We were supposed to head home today but somehow T has talked me into staying two more days. I told him I would stay if I could have the truck keys and park myself somewhere with internet for the day. So today I have been at the Looney Bean with free WIFI for the last four hours. Not really how anyone wants to spend their vacation, but it means we get to stay for 2 more days. T owes me, big time.

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  1. You're so sweet to hang in there with him! Yay for internet, though. The hiking sounded fun, though, wow!