Father's Day with the family

For Father's Day my sisters and I made dinner for our Dad and his girlfriend Jan, Uncle J, and Uncle Tim and his girlfriend of one week Marilyn. For years we have invited Uncle J to this event and call it Father's and Uncle J day. He has no children and we have a great time hanging out. We usually spend the evening eating and drinking and laughing. I love hanging out with him and my Dad and my sisters. Jan, my Dad's lady friend has been in the picture for the last 5 years and she is a fun addition to the bunch.

This year my Dad invited his oldest brother Tim to join in the festivities. Uncle Tim has been out of the picture for a few years and has started showing up to family events. I was fine with him coming but two days before Father's Day my Dad called me to say that Uncle Tim was bringing his girlfriend of one week to Father's Day dinner.

Ummmm, what? He is bringing his girlfriend? To Father's Day? Not cool.

My Dad and I chatted about this, saying they would probably be broken up before Sunday (Uncle Tim is not one to date the same lady for long) and we tried to laugh it off.

Secretly, well not too secretly, I was a little annoyed. My Dad invited Uncle Tim because Uncle Tim said he wanted to get more involved with the family but getting more involved with the family does not mean bringing a date to Father's Day. Especially if your nieces are the ones throwing the party and your invite did not say PLUS ONE!

My sisters and I decided to let it go and just have a good time. Everyone showed up and we had a great dinner. Marilyn, my Uncle Tim's date was nice and funny and we all got along.

The next day my Dad called to tell me what a great time he had and how great the evening had been. A little into the conversation he asked me if I was sitting down. It turns out my Uncle Tim had broken up with Marilyn on the way home from dinner! Next time Uncle Tim, no PLUS ONE for you....

Here are some pictures from the evening.
The sisters with our Dad. He is wearing a "Nice" shirt...


The table with the fancy napkins the Little Sister made

Laughing around the table

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