Scenes from my life

This is the iPhone that I was talked into getting less then 24 hours after I purchased it. It is moments like these that make me almost regret decisions I make.

The short story is that I use the iPhone when I run to track my mileage with the Nike+ app. The bad news is that the app does not work on the new phone. The even worst news is that the dog jumped up and knocked it out of my hand on said running expedition when I was trying to take a picture of said dog.

The good news is that a great guy at Apple replaced it for me. I was really lucky to get him as a service rep. Some of the people in the back were giving him a hard time about not charging me anything. He saved my faith in Apple, and made me not regret my decision to buy a new phone.... even though I almost did.... for a second.


  1. Oh no!!! I'm so glad you were able to get it replaced! Whew.

  2. Thanks Caroline! It was not a good morning...