Road Trip #4: Gilroy Garlic Festival, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay

Scenes from the Gilroy Garlic Festival

After the Garlic Festival we stayed the night in Santa Cruz and then went to Monterey. We had lunch on Fisherman's' Wharf and walked to the Aquarium. On our walk we noticed a lot of motorcycles. It turned out the Laguna Seca trials were going on that weekend and the place was packed. Cannery Row was closed and filled with motorcycles. It was very cool. On top of that the Aquarium was open late and had free wine and jazz starting at 6pm. Score!
Here are some pictures from our visit.


Foods of the OC Fair: 2010

We came
We saw
We ate.

Mini chocolate cupcake

Ice Cream S'more. Not as good as it sounds

BBQ sandwich

Oh look! It's us.

Fried Clams that I ate while watching Wild Child (the Doors cover band)

Bacon wrapped Jalapenos

We ended with a Funnel Cake and a food coma.

I think we will head back next week!

Road Trip #3: San Luis Obispo

You can go home again.... if only for two days.

Recently I took a short trip to San Luis Obispo to visit some friends and their new baby. T and I went to college in San Luis Obispo and then lived there for three more years when he worked at Cal Poly. We really loved living there but when a job opportunity presented itself in Southern California we had to move.

We talk about moving back to SLO sometimes but we joke that it would be a really long commute. I noticed that we go back less and less now. Maybe it is because SLO is changing or maybe it is because we are filling our lives with Southern California. Either way I took a short trip to SLO a few days ago and had a great time.

I met my friends new (9 months) baby

Saw the house they have been restoring.
I helped start this garden but they made it beautiful.

Went hiking in Montana De Oro

I hit up the Thursday night Farmers Market and a few of my old haunts. I played the Lottery and secretly looked at houses to buy. I did not win the Lottery so T and I will not be moving to San Luis Obispo any time soon. See you next time SLO!


Road Trip #2: California Pines

California Pines was our next stop on the Nor Cal road trip and Alex headed up with us. My dad owns a piece of property he is giving me up there and we thought we should check it out. Alex and his wife kept telling me it was remote but I guess I never realized what that really means...

California Pines was a subdivision in the late 60's that people bought. Here is some information and videos about it.
Scary Info-mercial on YouTube
Info-mercial with Eric Estrada (Ponch from CHiPs)

I realized as we drove, and drove, and drove... that this place was really in the middle of nowhere.

Here is one of our neighbors... about 100 miles away

T and the CA Pines sign

The closest cross street
(T took this picture and will give it to me soon....)

The land

California Pines is basically high dessert with pine trees. The insects were buzzing so loudly they sounded like really loud power lines. The closest town is Alturas and you can see Oregon and Nevada from here.

It was a great adventure to see CA Pines... but I am not sure if it is going to become our home away from home. Especially because it is 15 hours away.


Road Trip #2: 4th of July Feather River

Chester, CA is a "small" town with a charming 4th of July parade. Our friends' daughter was one of the baton twirlers in it. We rode our bikes downtown and watched the parade. Then we headed out to the Feather River for some fishing.

T did not have any luck fishing here but it was pretty, until the mosquitos decide we were dinner!

Road Trip #2: T's picture of Yellowcreek

Road Trip #2: Yellowcreek

We had a great trip to Northern CA! On our second day we headed to Yellowcreek. What a beautiful place. Alex took us to a meadow with the creek running through it. The spring actually starts in this meadow and it is called Yellowcreek. Alex and T did some flyfishing and I threw the ball for Meadow the dog. T actually ended up fishing the whole creek. He had a great time.

The old house

T fishing in Yellowcreek

Meadow having a mud bath

Yellowcreek campground is on the left