Road Trip #3: San Luis Obispo

You can go home again.... if only for two days.

Recently I took a short trip to San Luis Obispo to visit some friends and their new baby. T and I went to college in San Luis Obispo and then lived there for three more years when he worked at Cal Poly. We really loved living there but when a job opportunity presented itself in Southern California we had to move.

We talk about moving back to SLO sometimes but we joke that it would be a really long commute. I noticed that we go back less and less now. Maybe it is because SLO is changing or maybe it is because we are filling our lives with Southern California. Either way I took a short trip to SLO a few days ago and had a great time.

I met my friends new (9 months) baby

Saw the house they have been restoring.
I helped start this garden but they made it beautiful.

Went hiking in Montana De Oro

I hit up the Thursday night Farmers Market and a few of my old haunts. I played the Lottery and secretly looked at houses to buy. I did not win the Lottery so T and I will not be moving to San Luis Obispo any time soon. See you next time SLO!

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