Road Trip #5: WA and back in 5 Days

I am crazy. I am driving to WA and back in 5 days. This is in Winthrop, WA. Details to follow!

Here is the story. My Uncle G was turning 60 and my Aunt decided to try to throw together a kind of surprise for him. T couldn't make it and neither could the Middle Sister. Originally the Little Sister and I were going to drive up together but then she realized she had her dates mixed up and she had a wedding to attend the same weekend. Then it was just me. This seemed to worry some people. So much so that two days before I was set to leave my mom called and said we should drive together and that she was canceling her flight. Now I can't say 100% that the reason she decided to drive with me was because she was worried.... but she ended up being in Bishop on the day I was driving through so it made sense to drive together.

We stopped in Chester, CA on our way up. You might remember T and I spend Fourth of July in Chester. And then drove 15 hours to WA the next day. It was a long drive. It was nice to trade off with my Mom. We were both VERY VERY tired when we made it to Winthrop, WA.

It was dark when we drove to "The Ranch" and I had no idea what it looked like until the next morning. Stunning might not be a strong enough word.

See that little Tee Pee on the right? That is the outhouse.

Here is the "Hut". Complete with outside kitchen and sleeping porch.

This is what "camp" looked like. I slept in the Element and Mom slept in the tent on the left. One cousin slept on the porch and another cousin slept in a tent. My Uncle Brad brought a fancy tent (not shown) and Uncle G and his bride slept in the Hut.

T always jokes that he sent me to cooking school when I lived with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins in WA for a few months in 2000. These people can cook! In honor of Uncle Gs b-day my cousins made pizza in the cast-aluminum. (Cast-aluminum is like cast iron but lighter and favored by rafting guides like my Aunt!).

The table on the porch.

One of the pizzas.

Mo and Uncle G

I can say that driving to WA and back in five days is crazy. But in this case I am glad I made the trip. Happy Birthday Uncle G!

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