Summer Recap

Just as things start to heat up in Southern California I am back to work and summer is over for me.

Here is a recap with a few bonuses!

This summer I took FIVE road trips.
Road Trip #1: I went up to Bishop with T and did some hiking, reading, exploring, eating and camping.

Road Trip #2: Took us up to Lake Almanor for Fourth of July weekend. T went fishing a lot and we took a side trip to California Pines to look at the land my dad gave me.

Road Trip #3: I spent a few days in San Luis Obispo visiting some friends.

Road Trip #4: T and the sisters and I went to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy. We stayed at my Uncles' house in Santa Cruz and went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. I have UPDATED this post!

Road Trip #5: Had me driving to WA state and back in five days. With my mom.... for most of it. I have UPDATED this post!

Other adventures this summer include:
Adding two more boxes to my Square Foot Garden in front of my house.

Moving my sister from Santa Rosa to Huntington Beach.

Continuing to Garden at my Moms'.

Running. A lot.

Setting up my composting bin.

Selling our sofa on Craigslist.

Going to the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Summer 2010 was packed and I loved every minute of it. I completed another semester of school and have two more to go. This winter T and I might go to Hong Kong and the sisters and I are thinking of a trip to Italy or the South of France this summer!

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