Dear Fall....

Dear Fall,

I know that summer is trying to rain on your parade with the 100+ degree weather it spit at us this week but I wanted to tell you how much I love what you are wearing! A few weeks ago I was stuck at the mall and I was so bummed at all the floral summer leftovers. They are just not me. Floral... bright and colorful.... really not the way I want to spend my fall.

But today, TODAY Fall you have redeemed yourself. The 100+ weather forced me to the mall again and their you were. Looking beautiful in every window. I love your color choices. Everything goes with black, which you know is all I own. I wanted to buy everything! Well, I wanted to buy a lot of things and I never want to buy anything. Well I always want to buy shoes.... But I digress. You look great. You are flattering and classic and everything I look forward to every Fall.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Coppola Wine Dinner at Hennessey's

Coppola Wine Cards
This past week I went to a wine dinner at Hennessey's in Seal Beach featuring the wines of Francis Coppola. Hennessey's puts these on every few months and feature a different winery. The dinner is four courses and each course is paired with a different wine.

Here is the menu we had for the Coppola dinner.

The usual suspects were present and we drank lots of wine.
wine glasses toast

funny face

two girls

two girls

Here is the food we had.




Here is when my Dad spilled my wine because he was trying to put his hands in my picture. Dirty Dad.....
wine spill

And here are the things we won in the raffle at the end of the night. Three bottles of wine and some glasses. SCORE. Thanks for another great wine dinner Hennessey's!


Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup

This is Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup.

I was feeling lazy, but wanted some "home made" chicken soup. Here is my recipe.

Go to the store. Buy rotisserie chicken, pre-chopped onions and carrots and celery as close to diced as you can get.

Start the soup by sautéing the onions, diced carrots and celery with some herbs. I threw in herbs de provence.

Add the whole chicken.

Cover in water. I added some better than bouillon to the water to give it a little more of a chicken soup kick.

Boil. simmer, boil, simmer..... just let it cook until the chicken is easy to remove from the bone.

Take out the chicken, bones and skin and all.

Blend the vegetables into the stock.

Add the chicken, now shredded, back into the soup.

Cook pasta or rice or nothing and have some soup.

Be like me and eat Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup all weekend.

And be really lazy and don't blog about it until Monday night.....

But next time you are feeling like chicken soup, just pull out one the containers you froze this weekend.
In preparation of another lazy day....


Home Videos

T has been making some home videos with his iPhone and some app I will need to find the name of. I have been trying to get a few of them to post here but he has not passed them over yet. I will work on getting them (UPDATED: I have them and they are posted below). They are kind of fun.

T has PERFECTED making stuffed jalapenos and made a short video about the process. My sisters think he should quit his job and open a food truck...

Here is one of the first ones he made with our cat Samson.

We made risotto one night with my sisters and his brother. Here is a short flick around the table.