Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup

This is Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup.

I was feeling lazy, but wanted some "home made" chicken soup. Here is my recipe.

Go to the store. Buy rotisserie chicken, pre-chopped onions and carrots and celery as close to diced as you can get.

Start the soup by sautéing the onions, diced carrots and celery with some herbs. I threw in herbs de provence.

Add the whole chicken.

Cover in water. I added some better than bouillon to the water to give it a little more of a chicken soup kick.

Boil. simmer, boil, simmer..... just let it cook until the chicken is easy to remove from the bone.

Take out the chicken, bones and skin and all.

Blend the vegetables into the stock.

Add the chicken, now shredded, back into the soup.

Cook pasta or rice or nothing and have some soup.

Be like me and eat Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup all weekend.

And be really lazy and don't blog about it until Monday night.....

But next time you are feeling like chicken soup, just pull out one the containers you froze this weekend.
In preparation of another lazy day....

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