My life organized through running

Sometimes I hear people ask "where has the time gone?" or they say "this year is flying bye". I think it starts to happen when life becomes a routine. Or when things don't change very much. Looking at my life I organize it this way:

High School
Community College
Four Year College
Living in San Luis Obispo
T gets his job in Orange County

And then it starts to get a little blurry and I think, lived in the noisy apartment,went to grad school. lived with the middle sister, bought a house AND THEN was given an iPod with Nike+ for my birthday and everything comes into focus again.

Now I am organizing my life by years but it goes something like this:
Year I ran the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon
SD marathon

Year the Middle Sister and I ran 1000 miles and the year I sweat all over my iPod and lost a month of miles in Paris. We also run an occasional 5K.
two girls

start line sunrise

Year of 50 miles a month, the Long Beach half marathon and taking Eddie the dog running with us.
black dog

wave 5

I am not sure what next year will be, but I think it might be a running theme. The funny thing is that I am not even that good of a runner. I am more of a jogger, but I am that person who gets up at 5:40am and runs. At least 3 times a week. And those runs keep me sane, keep me happy and help to organize my life. Because I don't want to ask myself ...where the time has gone....


Long Beach Half Marathon

Long Beach Runners

This morning the middle sister and I ran a half marathon in Long Beach, CA. Why? It was one of her goals for the year and I was told I would be running it also. The little sister biked the whole marathon and I think that might be what I do next year....

The quick facts are:
Half marathon = 13.1 miles
The run was overcast and cool.
We finished in under 3 hours which was our goal
I proceeded to go home and nap.

Here are some pictures:

The Little Sister waiting to bike the marathon.

The middle sister and I waiting for the race to start.

The split where I was SO GLAD I DECIDED NEVER TO RUN A MARATHON AGAIN. 13.1 miles is enough.
marathon split sign

All three of us after the race.
three sisters


Heading for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Sunset
Photo by Jay

December 26th at 12:40AM I will board a plane for an 18 hour plane ride to Hong Kong! I just bought my ticket. It was expensive.....

Why am I going to Hong Kong? T and I are going to see his brother Jay. Jay is a pilot and currently flies out of Hong Kong. He has been a pilot for a few years now and has lived in Puerto Rico, Chicago and Hawaii. I never visited him when he lived in Puerto Rico or Chicago. I always wish I had visited him when he lived in Chicago.

We see him once every two months or so when he flies to LAX. We were chatting on one of those trips and he told us we should come see him in Hong Kong this year because he has an amazing apartment and if we were going to come, this would be the year to do it.

T and I talked about it and decided to go. I am going for one week and T is going for his two week winter holiday.

Right after I purchased my ticket I started looking up things to do in Hong Kong. We will be staying with "a local" but I wanted to see if there was something I wanted to make sure to do.

I found a lot of good information on the web.

Hong Kong has it's own YouTube channel with some fun videos. Here is my favorite one about the food called Have Your Eaten Yet?

Time has an article called, Hong Kong: 10 Things to do in 24 Hours.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has a pretty good site.

My favorite thing I found (so far) is the Discover Hong Kong Flickr Group. This photo site has great images of Hong Kong uploaded by everyday people.

I am excited to visit Hong Kong. It is one of those places (like so many) that was not high on my list of places to see, but an opportunity presented itself and I am on my way. The more I learn about it, the more interesting it becomes.

A few things on my list right now are:
Take a Dim Sum cooking class
See the "Big Buddha"
Do they have tea houses in Hong Kong? Maybe go to tea...
Check out the Markets!

What else? Any ideas of things to add to my list? I have one week to see Hong Kong....