Long Beach Half Marathon

Long Beach Runners

This morning the middle sister and I ran a half marathon in Long Beach, CA. Why? It was one of her goals for the year and I was told I would be running it also. The little sister biked the whole marathon and I think that might be what I do next year....

The quick facts are:
Half marathon = 13.1 miles
The run was overcast and cool.
We finished in under 3 hours which was our goal
I proceeded to go home and nap.

Here are some pictures:

The Little Sister waiting to bike the marathon.

The middle sister and I waiting for the race to start.

The split where I was SO GLAD I DECIDED NEVER TO RUN A MARATHON AGAIN. 13.1 miles is enough.
marathon split sign

All three of us after the race.
three sisters


  1. Awesome!! The rain didn't stop you!

  2. It never rained on us. We had pretty good weather.... for running.