My life organized through running

Sometimes I hear people ask "where has the time gone?" or they say "this year is flying bye". I think it starts to happen when life becomes a routine. Or when things don't change very much. Looking at my life I organize it this way:

High School
Community College
Four Year College
Living in San Luis Obispo
T gets his job in Orange County

And then it starts to get a little blurry and I think, lived in the noisy apartment,went to grad school. lived with the middle sister, bought a house AND THEN was given an iPod with Nike+ for my birthday and everything comes into focus again.

Now I am organizing my life by years but it goes something like this:
Year I ran the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon
SD marathon

Year the Middle Sister and I ran 1000 miles and the year I sweat all over my iPod and lost a month of miles in Paris. We also run an occasional 5K.
two girls

start line sunrise

Year of 50 miles a month, the Long Beach half marathon and taking Eddie the dog running with us.
black dog

wave 5

I am not sure what next year will be, but I think it might be a running theme. The funny thing is that I am not even that good of a runner. I am more of a jogger, but I am that person who gets up at 5:40am and runs. At least 3 times a week. And those runs keep me sane, keep me happy and help to organize my life. Because I don't want to ask myself ...where the time has gone....

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