My house vs. Our house: the layout

T and I share a dwelling. We call it Our House. Samson the cat also shares Our House.

Here it is... all 600 square feet of it.

Recently I was at IKEA and they had a two bedroom "house" that was 598 square feet. It got me thinking in a very unrealistic way about A LOT of things.

First I started thinking about different ways I could re-design our space if I didn't have to worry about things like load-bearing walls or sewer pipes. This is one of the designs I came up with.

Then I started thinking about all the great interior design images I love and how I might decorate and design Our house if it was just My house. (No need to worry, T and I are doing great and this is just my alternate reality).

So the My house vs. Our house idea was born. This could get interesting.....


The best camera is the one you have with you

T always says, the best camera is the one you have with you.

It is so true. For years I kept a film camera with me and would pull it out to take random, amazing shots. I also used to lug big cameras around and shoot black and white film. Then I would develop the film and print the pictures. Then the world of digital came around and things didn't change too much for me. I still had a film camera with me but I found myself shooing less ..... I think it is because during this time my job included photography and I was getting burned out.

Then things changed and I started to like photography again.

And the iPhone came out and it had a camera feature.

I turned back into that person who takes random (sometimes amazing) photos. Most of the photos on this blog are taken with my iPhone. Here are a few from the last two days:

Tea pot at Plum

Flowers coming up in my garden

Burger and fries at Five Guys

Dessert at brunch

Ikea display/art

Cacti at Home Depot

T, Samson and I going old school

All of these were taken with my phone, even the last one. I even edited them so you got just the highlights. Now if only they could preserve digital photography like film... then we would be set!


Book Auditions

I am a Librarian, a Distance Learning Librarian. I did not become a Librarian because I like to read. I became a Librarian because I like people.

BUT... I do love to read. Ask my mother. Ask anyone who knows me. I have been know to start a book and disappear from the world while I read. I will stay up all night reading...

Currently I am very busy with school and work and am only reading things related to both of those. Luckily the holidays are just around the corner and I am auditioning a few books.

Why a Book Audition? This is why. As a Librarian people assume you read (a lot) and are always recommending books to you. So I have started a new thing where I will audition one book someone recommends to see if we like to read the same types of books. Let's face it, I only get a short amount of time to read books right now so I want to make sure I am reading books I like. After I read the recommended book I will go back to the person who recommended it and we will chat. If I didn't like it I will explain why and see if they want to audition another book that might be more in line with what I am looking for. If I did like it, I will discuss why and take another book recommendation.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but this is getting me to read books I would not have read before and creating common ground with co-workers. Books talks around the water cooler can get really interesting!

Current books I am auditioning:
So Far From God
Dead Witch Walking
The Land of Little Rain
River of Doubt
Killer Angels
One for the Money


Sunrise / Sunset

This weekend I have experienced an EPIC sunrise and sunset. More pictures soon!

Above is the sunrise taken from the pier in Newport Beach, CA. A little before 6am my little sister called to see if I wanted to watch the sunrise. She had seen the light on when she drove by and thought she should call. I threw on a pair of jeans and we headed to the beach. When we arrived it was dark and the surfers were just starting to look at the waves. We grabbed a cup of tea and headed to the pier. The weather was nice but a little chilly and we watched the sky change color and the sun rise over the mountains. It was stunning.

The night before my sunrise trip, T and I went to a sunset wedding in San Clemente. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with an epic sunset. Here is my favorite picture from the evening.

Sunset Wedding:
I love this picture! I was chatting with someone and saw the sun setting behind these glasses and had to run over to take a picture.