The best camera is the one you have with you

T always says, the best camera is the one you have with you.

It is so true. For years I kept a film camera with me and would pull it out to take random, amazing shots. I also used to lug big cameras around and shoot black and white film. Then I would develop the film and print the pictures. Then the world of digital came around and things didn't change too much for me. I still had a film camera with me but I found myself shooing less ..... I think it is because during this time my job included photography and I was getting burned out.

Then things changed and I started to like photography again.

And the iPhone came out and it had a camera feature.

I turned back into that person who takes random (sometimes amazing) photos. Most of the photos on this blog are taken with my iPhone. Here are a few from the last two days:

Tea pot at Plum

Flowers coming up in my garden

Burger and fries at Five Guys

Dessert at brunch

Ikea display/art

Cacti at Home Depot

T, Samson and I going old school

All of these were taken with my phone, even the last one. I even edited them so you got just the highlights. Now if only they could preserve digital photography like film... then we would be set!

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