Book Auditions

I am a Librarian, a Distance Learning Librarian. I did not become a Librarian because I like to read. I became a Librarian because I like people.

BUT... I do love to read. Ask my mother. Ask anyone who knows me. I have been know to start a book and disappear from the world while I read. I will stay up all night reading...

Currently I am very busy with school and work and am only reading things related to both of those. Luckily the holidays are just around the corner and I am auditioning a few books.

Why a Book Audition? This is why. As a Librarian people assume you read (a lot) and are always recommending books to you. So I have started a new thing where I will audition one book someone recommends to see if we like to read the same types of books. Let's face it, I only get a short amount of time to read books right now so I want to make sure I am reading books I like. After I read the recommended book I will go back to the person who recommended it and we will chat. If I didn't like it I will explain why and see if they want to audition another book that might be more in line with what I am looking for. If I did like it, I will discuss why and take another book recommendation.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but this is getting me to read books I would not have read before and creating common ground with co-workers. Books talks around the water cooler can get really interesting!

Current books I am auditioning:
So Far From God
Dead Witch Walking
The Land of Little Rain
River of Doubt
Killer Angels
One for the Money

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