My house vs. Our house: the layout

T and I share a dwelling. We call it Our House. Samson the cat also shares Our House.

Here it is... all 600 square feet of it.

Recently I was at IKEA and they had a two bedroom "house" that was 598 square feet. It got me thinking in a very unrealistic way about A LOT of things.

First I started thinking about different ways I could re-design our space if I didn't have to worry about things like load-bearing walls or sewer pipes. This is one of the designs I came up with.

Then I started thinking about all the great interior design images I love and how I might decorate and design Our house if it was just My house. (No need to worry, T and I are doing great and this is just my alternate reality).

So the My house vs. Our house idea was born. This could get interesting.....

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