Sunrise / Sunset

This weekend I have experienced an EPIC sunrise and sunset. More pictures soon!

Above is the sunrise taken from the pier in Newport Beach, CA. A little before 6am my little sister called to see if I wanted to watch the sunrise. She had seen the light on when she drove by and thought she should call. I threw on a pair of jeans and we headed to the beach. When we arrived it was dark and the surfers were just starting to look at the waves. We grabbed a cup of tea and headed to the pier. The weather was nice but a little chilly and we watched the sky change color and the sun rise over the mountains. It was stunning.

The night before my sunrise trip, T and I went to a sunset wedding in San Clemente. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with an epic sunset. Here is my favorite picture from the evening.

Sunset Wedding:
I love this picture! I was chatting with someone and saw the sun setting behind these glasses and had to run over to take a picture.

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